Ralf Maurer in detail

I am an internationally experienced retail and purchasing specialist with C-level experience and category management DNA.

Ralf Maurer in detail

We specialize in the optimization of gross profits along the operational value creation stages in purchasing & category management. As purchasing and negotiation professionals, we make sure that purchasing price improvements are sustainable and reflected in the P&L.

Through the perfect interplay of all category excellence elements, we create the basis for a market-dominant product range strategy and the foundation for profitable growth.

Who is Ralf Maurer?

Thinking and acting like a Chief Product Officer

As an international retail and purchasing specialist with extensive board experience, I have numerous track records in the areas of category management, purchasing and supplier management, inventory optimization, pricing and private label management.

For many years I have been working successfully at C-level and management level for the profitable growth of international trading and distribution companies.

I think and act holistically from the perspective of the Chief Product Officer. In my role as CPO of Rubix Holding, I was responsible for a Group-wide purchasing volume of € 2,000 million.

I have continuously developed modern category management as a means for a customer- and profit-oriented product range policy into one of the most important success factors.

Professional supplier management and the most difficult purchasing negotiations are among my special disciplines.

With “intelligent pragmatism”, I have learned to optimize earnings potential in the overall business context very effectively and quickly.